Working Papers

Ko, Hyein, Natalie Jackson, Tracy Osborn, and Michael S. Lewis-Beck. Forecasting Presidential Elections: Accuracy of ANES Voter Intentions.
Dietrich, Bryce J., Hyein Ko, and Myriam Shiran. Not All Talking Heads Are Interested in Talking: A Demonstration of How to Detect Faces Using Minimal Training Data.
Yin, Tianhong, Nora Webb Williams, Emily Sallenback, Hyein Ko, and Michael Gabbay. From Text to Network: Detecting Events between Political Elites with a Custom Ontology and Chatbot-in-the-loop Text Pipelines
Ko, Hyein. Exploring Determinants of Time to Next Protest Event.
Ko, Hyein. Are Governors Responsible for the State COVID-19? Revisiting Partisanship, Blame, and Divided Federalism.
Ko, Hyein. BLM and Conveyed Sentiment by Cable News Networks.
Ko, Hyein. Do Elections Make a Difference? Comparing Autocracies with and without Elections on Regime Change.